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12 February 2015

Call for Use Cases

Hello everybody,

while celebrating the release of Synnefo v0.16.1 we’re looking to expand our Use Cases page with more success stories. If you’ve used Synnefo to deploy a private or public cloud, we would love to hear your experiences regarding the software.

Feel free to share your story on our mailing list or our IRC channel and we’ll add it to our Use Cases page.

Thank you,
the Synnefo team

22 May 2014

Synnefo comes to CentOS!

Hello everybody,

As you may already know, Synnefo was initially developed for and deployed on Debian (in the same way Ganeti is). However, since more and more users have been asking to try it out on their own RPM-based distros, we decided to take the time and help them out. So, today, we are happy to announce that starting Synnefo v0.15.1, alongside Debian packages, we will also be officially providing RPM packages for the whole Synnefo stack. Read more...

07 October 2013

Archipelago: officially open source

Hello everybody,

We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing our custom storage layer, Archipelago, as open source software under a 2-clause BSD license. Archipelago has been running in production for over half a year without problems, so after a substantial cleanup we decided to open it up to the public. Read more...

02 October 2013

Synnefo @ USENIX ;login: (Oct '13 issue)

Hello everybody,

The October issue of USENIX ;login: is out!

And it features an article we’ve written about Synnefo. Good news is that it is open for everybody, not only USENIX members. Read more...

27 August 2013

Switch from to

Hello Synnefo users,

You may have noticed that lately, we have been trying to separate the Synnefo software from the IaaS service it powers, ~okeanos. The latest step towards this direction is the rename of our demo deployment of Synnefo. The demo has been called for a while now and has now changed to Read more...

23 August 2013

Synnefo Live CD Released

Hello everybody,

We have some exciting news for all of you that want to try out our latest Synnefo software: οur team has managed to bundle it into something as small as a USB stick. That’s right, there is now a Debian-based, Live CD edition of Synnefo which can be deployed from your server or even your home computer! Read more...

15 March 2013

Synnefo plugin for Thunderbird

Filelink plugin


11 February 2013

Synnefo + RADOS = <3

We are happy to announce that Synnefo now supports completely unified storage (Files/Images/VM disks) over commodity hardware using RADOS. And since it’s passed the testing phase, it is now heading to our production environment ~okeanos). And it scales! Read more...

18 January 2013

Synnefo is here!

Hello everybody,

this is the first post on the official Synnefo blog, so let me make a brief introduction. Read more...