Hello everybody,

this is the first post on the official Synnefo blog, so let me make a brief introduction.

On this blog we will be posting all kinds of things concerning Synnefo, from technical stuff, to practices running a large scale production service, user stories and many more.

For those who are not familiar with Synnefo, please visit the official page: http://www.synnefo.org.
Here is a short description and a bit of history:
Synnefo is production-quality open source cloud software. It came out of GRNET’s need to provide a full-fledged Amazon-like cloud service that would be very simple to use, even for completely inexperienced users. The software has been designed for large scale installations and targets commodity hardware. A small group of engineers began its development in late 2010. It has been powering GRNET’s public cloud service since late 2011: http://www.okeanos.io. At the Synnefo site, we have two mailing lists:

“Synnefo” is the Greek word for “Cloud”.

Please feel free to use it and love it.