29 June 2017

Synnefo v0.19 released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.19 is out!

As you may already know from a previous email on the list:!topic/synnefo/E7172AT6l9Y


19 October 2016

Synnefo v0.18.1 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.18.1 is out!

This release brings several new features and significant bug fixes across Synnefo. Read more...

12 February 2015

Call for Use Cases

Hello everybody,

while celebrating the release of Synnefo v0.16.1 we’re looking to expand our Use Cases page with more success stories. If you’ve used Synnefo to deploy a private or public cloud, we would love to hear your experiences regarding the software.

Feel free to share your story on our mailing list or our IRC channel and we’ll add it to our Use Cases page.

Thank you,
the Synnefo team

12 February 2015

Synnefo v0.16.1 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

The 0.16.1 version of Synnefo has just been released. This release is targeted towards stability and as such, we have various bug-fixes. The main changes are the following:

  • Improved handling of projects (both API- and UI-wise).
  • Updates and fixes for snf-deploy.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements across Synnefo.

You can find a complete changelog in our docs page as well as upgrade notes from the previous release.

As always, feedback through our mailing list or IRC channel is highly appreciated.

the Synnefo team

19 December 2014

Synnefo v0.16 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.16 is out!

This release brings major new features and significant bug fixes across the whole Synnefo stack. It focuses mostly on Storage (with the previous v0.15 focusing on Networking) and introduces completely new functionality regarding Volume management. Read more...

19 September 2014

The second GanetiCon is over and a success

Hello everybody,

as you already know, this September (2/9-4/9), the second annual Ganeti conference took place in Portland, Oregon: GanetiCon 2014. And the Synnefo team was there. Read more...

26 June 2014

Synnefo @ LinuxCon / CloudOpen North America 2014

Hello everybody,

we are happy to announce that this summer Synnefo will be crossing the Atlantic, landing for the first time officially in the US!

Vangelis Koukis, from the team, will be giving a talk at LinuxCon/CloudOpen North America 2014, introducing Synnefo to the American audience. Read more...

22 May 2014

Synnefo comes to CentOS!

Hello everybody,

As you may already know, Synnefo was initially developed for and deployed on Debian (in the same way Ganeti is). However, since more and more users have been asking to try it out on their own RPM-based distros, we decided to take the time and help them out. So, today, we are happy to announce that starting Synnefo v0.15.1, alongside Debian packages, we will also be officially providing RPM packages for the whole Synnefo stack. Read more...

15 May 2014

Synnefo v0.15.1 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.15.1 is out! Read more...

11 March 2014

Synnefo v0.15 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.15 is out!

This release brings major new features and significant bug fixes across Synnefo.

It focuses mostly on Networking and the changes there affect the whole stack, so you will also see new exciting things on your Web UI Read more...

26 February 2014

Synnefo Architecture

Hello everybody,

On a previous post, almost a year ago, we described the services and REST APIs of Synnefo. Read more...

27 January 2014

Synnefo @ FOSDEM 2014

Hello everybody,

the schedule for the Virtualization and IaaS devroom of FOSDEM 2014 has been announced and we are more than happy to be a part of it. After last year’s introduction, this year we will be talking about advanced storage integration on Synnefo with Archipelago and Ceph. Check out the talk abstract here.

Of course, we will be making a quick intro to the stack for those who haven’t heard about it before, and also do a live demo.

So, join us at the talk, we’ll be happy to meet you.

See you all in Brussels.

26 November 2013

Synnefo v0.14.10 Released

Hello everybody,

we are pleased to announce that today we released Synnefo v0.14.10. Read more...

07 October 2013

Archipelago: officially open source

Hello everybody,

We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing our custom storage layer, Archipelago, as open source software under a 2-clause BSD license. Archipelago has been running in production for over half a year without problems, so after a substantial cleanup we decided to open it up to the public. Read more...

02 October 2013

Synnefo @ USENIX ;login: (Oct '13 issue)

Hello everybody,

The October issue of USENIX ;login: is out!

And it features an article we’ve written about Synnefo. Good news is that it is open for everybody, not only USENIX members. Read more...

12 September 2013

Synnefo @ Ceph Day London

Hello everybody,

The schedule for Ceph Day London has just been announced! Read more...

10 September 2013

A great GanetiCon 2013 has ended

Hello everybody,

as you already know, the first Ganeti conference, GanetiCon 2013, took place last week in Athens. We were extremely happy to be part of it, not only during the organizational procedure, but most importantly during the conference itself, participating in the various design discussions and user reports. Read more...

27 August 2013

Switch from to

Hello Synnefo users,

You may have noticed that lately, we have been trying to separate the Synnefo software from the IaaS service it powers, ~okeanos. The latest step towards this direction is the rename of our demo deployment of Synnefo. The demo has been called for a while now and has now changed to Read more...

23 August 2013

Synnefo Live CD Released

Hello everybody,

We have some exciting news for all of you that want to try out our latest Synnefo software: οur team has managed to bundle it into something as small as a USB stick. That’s right, there is now a Debian-based, Live CD edition of Synnefo which can be deployed from your server or even your home computer! Read more...

20 August 2013

Synnefo @ CloudOpen Europe 2013

Hello everybody,

the schedule for LinuxCon/CloudOpen Europe 2013 has just been announced and we are more than pleased to be a part of it. Read more...

08 July 2013

Synnefo v0.14 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.14 is out! Read more...

22 May 2013

First Google Ganeti Conference: GanetiCon 2013

Hello everybody,

we are very pleased to announce that this year we are co-organizing the first Google Ganeti Conference: GanetiCon 2013

The conference will take place between 3-5 September 2013 in Athens, Greece Read more...

13 May 2013

Synnefo team @ Xen Hackathon 2013

This year’s Xen Hackathon will be kindly hosted by Google and will take place at Google’s Dublin offices. Read more...

23 April 2013

Synnefo Services and REST APIs

Today, we’ll see an overview of the Synnefo Services and the RESTful APIs that enable Synnefo to talk to the outside world and vice versa.

Synnefo has three (3) basic components that provide all its Services. These components are: Read more...

11 April 2013

Synnefo v0.13 Released

Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.13 is finally out!
During this release cycle, which took a long time indeed, we made some major changes in Synnefo. The biggest one was that we merged most of the Synnefo components in a single repository allowing for a more uniform approach and aligned versioning. The Synnefo repository now includes the following components: snf-common, snf-webproject, snf-astakos-app, snf-pithos-app, snf-pithos-backend, snf-cyclades-app, snf-cyclades-gtools, snf-stats-app, snf-quotaholder, snf-tools. Read more...

05 April 2013

objpool: Introducing generic pooling in Synnefo

This is to share our code and experiences with resource pooling in developing and deploying the Synnefo cloud software. Read more...

15 March 2013

Synnefo plugin for Thunderbird

Filelink plugin


11 February 2013

Synnefo + RADOS = <3

We are happy to announce that Synnefo now supports completely unified storage (Files/Images/VM disks) over commodity hardware using RADOS. And since it’s passed the testing phase, it is now heading to our production environment ~okeanos). And it scales! Read more...

23 January 2013

Synnefo at FOSDEM 2013

FOSDEM 2013 is getting really close and we have two reasons to be happy about it. First of all because we are going to spend a very interesting and fun weekend by just attending, and second because we will be introducing Synnefo to the rest of the community! Read more...

18 January 2013

Synnefo is here!

Hello everybody,

this is the first post on the official Synnefo blog, so let me make a brief introduction. Read more...