Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.18.1 is out!

This release brings several new features and significant bug fixes across Synnefo.

The most notable changes are:

  • Improved project management and quota policy enforcement
  • Performance optimizations of Pithos object listing queries
  • Support for modifying user e-mails from the Admin Panel
  • Various Admin panel enhancements
  • Support for multiple eventd instances and automatic ganeti master failover detection
  • Support for Sentry

This version also includes smaller bug fixes and enhancements. Please see the Changelog file for the complete list.

Upgrading to v0.18.1 is definitely recommended.

This version is building upon Synnefo v0.17, which introduces some really interesting new features including the following:

  • New pithos UI web application
  • Cyclades support for detachable volumes
  • Shared resources among members of a project
  • Support for LDAP authentication

You can find the corresponding upgrade notes here.

As always, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

the Synnefo team