Hello everybody,

as you already know, this September (2/9-4/9), the second annual Ganeti conference took place in Portland, Oregon: GanetiCon 2014. And the Synnefo team was there.

The conference was an overall success, almost the whole Ganeti development team presented their work, all major contributors attended, all the well known users where there, the venue was really nice and Portland itself was beautiful. It was definitely a great choice of city for the conference.

The most interesting thing was finding out for the first time about new users that run Ganeti on big or smaller production environments, meeting them and talking to them in person.

The design discussions went pretty well too, opening up the roadmap for new Ganeti features. There were even cool presents from Google to attendees, such as Chromebook and Nexus devices at the end of the conference!

So, all in all it was an absolutely exciting 3-day event.

For all of you that missed GanetiCon 2014, you can take a glimpse of what happened and also take a look at all presentation slide decks at the GanetiCon site.

After the second year being a success, GanetiCon seems to be here to stay.
Until next year then, Cheers!