Hello Synnefo users,

we are happy to announce that Synnefo v0.15.1 is out! The most notable changes in this version are:

  • Support for selectable storage backends for Pithos. Two options available: NFS or Ceph’s RADOS.
  • Refactoring and extension of the statistics API, to export detailed information about Ganeti clusters, virtual servers, networks, IPv4 pools, images, users, auth providers.
  • Introduction of CentOS 6.5 support and new CentOS installation guide.

This version also includes smaller bug fixes and security enhancements. Please see the Changelog file for the complete list. This is the first Synnefo version that allows running the whole stack over RADOS storage only. So, feel free to try it out and report feedback.

Enjoy, on behalf of the Synnefo team,