Compute Service

  • Support for all major Windows Server and Linux distributions
  • Spawning VMs from custom Images
  • Dynamic file injection upon creation
  • CPU and Network statistics per VM
  • Easy and secure out-of-band access through the Web UI
  • Programmatic access via the OpenStack Compute API

Network Service

  • Public networking with full IPv4/IPv6 support
  • Different firewall options for the Public network
  • Isolated Private networks with automatic or manual IP allocation
  • Programmatic access via extensions of the OpenStack Compute API

Storage Service

  • Sharing between users and groups
  • Syncing with native Windows and Mac OS X clients
  • Programmatic access via the OpenStack Object Storage API + extensions

Image Service

  • Images are just files in the Storage Service
  • Images can be shared with other users
  • Support for custom, user-provided /assets
  • Creation, upload, registration tool
  • Programmatic access via the OpenStack Glance API

Identity Service

  • User management
  • Multiple login methods (username/password, LDAP/AD, Google, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Multiple user moderation methods
  • Quota system to handle virtual resources of the Compute/Storage service
  • Virtual resources Usage tab
  • Create and Join Projects to share virtual resources