Compute Service

  • Synnefo manages multiple Ganeti clusters in the backend
  • Support for VM live migrations with or without shared storage
  • Support for multiple storage backends: LVM, DRBD, Files on local/shared dir, RBD (Ceph/RADOS), Archipelago
  • Simple interface to plug into SAN/NAS
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure using hooks
  • Linearly scalable by dynamic addition of Ganeti clusters

Network Service

  • Full IPv4/IPv6 support for Public and Private networks
  • Scale to thousands of isolated private L2 segments over single VLAN
  • Support for multiple networking configurations in the backend

Storage Service

  • Files are collections of blocks
  • Content-based addressing for blocks
  • Partial file transfers, deduplication, efficient syncing
  • Single store for Files, /assets, VM disks when using NFS, RBD or Archipelago

Image Service

  • Secure Image deployment inside a VM
  • All customization done by Synnefo with no need for special tools inside the Image
  • Efficient syncing and sharing as files