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The sections above, guide you though the actions needed to create a synnefo backend. Once you have at least one backend up and running you can go back to the cyclades section, add the backend, create a public network and have full Synnefo functionality.

In the following sections we will refer to the following roles:

  • ganeti (all nodes of a Ganeti cluster/synnefo backend)
  • master (ganeti master node)
  • router

Please note that all these roles can be “played” by the same node.



  • Available master IP that resolves to FQDN (


  • primary interface: eth0 with IP that resolves to FQDN (
  • /etc/hosts: hostname should not resolv to 127.* address.
  • /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key*: must be identical among all nodes.
  • extra interfaces: eth1, eth2 (vlans can be used too)
  • NFS mount point: /srv/pithos
  • lvm: Volume Group named ganeti


  • primary interface: eth0 with public routable IP
  • extra interfaces: eth1, eth2 (vlans can be used too) connected with ganeti nodes