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kamaki Setup

The following apply to client node. Here we install a command line tool that the end-user can use instead of web UI. Prerequisites are that the client node can connect to Synnefo nodes by using their FQDN and that the user has already aquired an AUTH_TOKEN and UUID from his/her profile page after signing in.

Install the corresponding package:

# apt-get install kamaki

and build the correct config file:

# kamaki config set astakos.url ""
# kamaki config set compute.url ""
# kamaki config set image.url ""
# kamaki config set store.enable on
# kamaki config set store.pithos_extensions on
# kamaki config set store.url ""
# kamaki config set store.account UUID

# kamaki config set global.token AUTH_TOKEN

Please download a Debian Base image from our repo:

# wget -O /tmp/debian_base.diskdump

create a container in pithos, upload it:

# kamaki store create images
# kamaki store upload --container images /tmp/debian_base.diskdump debian_base.diskdump

and register it with Cyclades:

# kamaki image register "Debian Base"  pithos://user@example/images/debian_base.diskdump \
                 --disk-format=diskdump \
                 --property OSFAMILY=linux \
                 --property ROOT_PARTITION=1 \
                 --property description="Debian Squeeze Base System" \
                 --property size=450M \
                 --property kernel=2.6.32 \
                 --property GUI="No GUI" \
                 --property sortorder=1 \
                 --property USERS=root \
                 --property OS=debian \

Test your Setup:

# kamaki store list
# kamaki image list

And visit and try to create a VM with the registered image or visit and see your uploaded image.