Upgrade to Synnefo v0.14.8¶

Synnefo v0.14.8 release introduced support for Debian Wheezy (and Django 1.4). To upgrade from Squeeze to Wheezy you should make sure to change the 'ENGINE' option in /etc/synnefo/10-snf-webproject-databases.conf to 'django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2. Replace postgresql_psycopg2 with the DB engine you are using.

If you’re upgrading to Synnefo v0.14.8 on Squeeze, you should also make sure to have the Squezee backports repository installed, since snf-webproject depends on >=python-django-south-0.7.3, which on Squeeze is only available from the backports repository.

Since v0.14.8, Synnefo also ships an example Gunicorn configuration file, that gets installed automatically at /etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo.example. To use it you need to do two things:

  1. Disable your old configuration file by removing it. [if you are upgrading from an older version and you had such a file]
  2. Rename the file to /etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo to make it valid:
# mv /etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo.example /etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo

Finally, add any other special configuration option needed by your deployment in this file.


The logging location for the Synnefo gunicorn project has changed in /etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo.example: The default configuration no longer stores logs under /var/log/gunicorn/synnefo.log, but under /var/log/synnefo/gunicorn.log instead, for two reasons: a) uniformity with the rest of Synnefo, b) the version of gunicorn included in Wheezy now drops privileges to www-data:www-data properly, so it can no longer log under /var/log/gunicorn, which is owned by root.