Upgrade to Synnefo v0.14.10

Synnefo v0.14.10 supports both Debian Squeeze and Wheezy. However, since v0.14.10, Synnefo supports only Ganeti >= 2.8. This means that at least the Ganeti nodes of a Synnefo deployment should run on Wheezy.

To upgrade to Synnefo v0.14.10 one needs to upgrade both Synnefo and Ganeti during the same upgrade cycle, so some minimal service downtime is needed. As always, VMs, Networks and Files will remain usable during the upgrade.

Since this is an upgrade to a minor version, no special upgrade operations are needed except from the package upgrades.

1. Bring down the services

First, bring all services (Synnefo and Ganeti) down:

root@astakos-host# /etc/init.d/gunicorn stop
root@cyclades-host# /etc/init.d/gunicorn stop
root@pithos-host# /etc/init.d/gunicorn stop

root@ganeti-master-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti stop
root@ganeti-master-host# /etc/init.d/snf-ganeti-eventd stop
root@ganeti-nodeX-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti stop

root@cyclades-host# /etc/init.d/snf-dispatcher stop

2. Upgrade Ganeti

Once, everything is stopped, upgrade Ganeti following the official upgrade notes found here:

Ganeti upgrade notes

In a nutshell:

Install packages

Install the new Ganeti packages. To be able to use hotplug (which will be part of the official Ganeti 2.10), we recommend using our Ganeti packages with version: snf-ganeti=2.8.2+snapshot1+b64v1+hotplug3+ippoolfix+rapifix+netxen+lockfix2-1~wheezy

root@ganeti-master-host# apt-get install snf-ganeti ganeti-htools ganeti-haskell
root@ganeti-nodeX-host# apt-get install snf-ganeti ganeti-htools ganeti-haskell


Make sure you install all three Ganeti packages to all hosts. Also all packages should have the same version.


Upgrade Ganeti’s configuration (make sure you do all backup and dry-run steps as described in the official guide):

root@ganeti-master-host# /usr/share/ganeti/cfgupgrade

Start Ganeti

Start Ganeti and re-distribute the configuration to all Ganeti master candidates:

root@ganeti-master-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti start
root@ganeti-nodeX-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti start

root@ganeti-master-host# gnt-cluster redist-conf

root@ganeti-master-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti stop
root@ganeti-nodeX-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti stop

3. Upgrade Synnefo

Install packages

Install the new v0.14.10 packages on all hosts according to your deployment.

4. Start all services

Once, everything is installed successfully, start all services (Synnefo and Ganeti):

root@cyclades-host# /etc/init.d/snf-dispatcher start

root@ganeti-master-host# /etc/init.d/snf-ganeti-eventd start

root@ganeti-master-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti start
root@ganeti-nodeX-host# /etc/init.d/ganeti start

root@astakos-host# /etc/init.d/gunicorn start
root@cyclades-host# /etc/init.d/gunicorn start
root@pithos-host# /etc/init.d/gunicorn start