Weblogin API

This is Weblogin API guide.


This service is used by Okeanos services’ clients in order to acquire the user authentication token.

The login URI accepts the following parameters:

URI Method Description
/login GET Authenticate user and return authentication token

Request Parameter Name Value
next The URI to redirect to when the process is finished
renew Force token renewal (no value parameter)
force Force session invalidation (no value parameter)

If the request user is not authenticated, is sent to the login view and after successful login, is redirected back to this view.

If the request user has not signed the approval terms, is sent to the approval terms view and after successfully signing the terms, is redirected to back to this view.

Finally, if the request user is authenticated and has signed the approval terms, is redirected to the next request parameter value.

The resulted URI contains the user identifier and authentication token.

Return Code Description
302 (Redirect)  
400 (Bad Request) Missing next parameter
403 (Unauthorized) The next parameter is beyond the allowed schemes (set by ASTAKOS_REDIRECT_ALLOWED_SCHEMES setting)