Unified Changelog file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13

Since v0.13 most of the Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository and have aligned versions.


Released: Tue May 27 13:50:31 EEST 2014


  • Fix minor problem in network stats plugin of collectd
  • Fix small issue in the ‘stats-cyclades’ command arising when Ganeti cannot communicate with a node.
  • Check max size of server metadata
  • Add support for Ganeti 2.10

Cyclades UI

  • Fix oraclelinux icon name


Released: Thu May 15 13:31:37 EEST 2014


  • Documentation: New CentOS installation guide.
  • Handle Unicode issue in proxy requests.


  • Change statistics API to expose statistics for all users and for users per authentication provider (users that are exclusively using a provider).
  • Fix minor problem in weblogin, which could lead to unexpected exception
  • Fix Authenticate Identity API call with trailing slash, which used to fail with 405 (Method not allowed)


  • Fix bug in snf-dispatcher that could result in unsynced NICs between Cyclades and Ganeti.
  • Support queries by IPv6 address in helpdesk app.
  • Extend statistics API with detailed information about Ganeti clusters, virtual servers and networks, public IPv4 pools and images.
  • Allow creation of ports with existing floating IPs from networks that are marked as drained.

Cyclades UI

  • Include icons for Oracle Linux OS (oraclelinux)
  • Include a null gateway IP when creating subnets for private networks to override the default gateway IP of Neutron API.


  • Support selectable storage backend

    • new settings:
    • PITHOS_BACKEND_STORAGE: Possible values are ‘nfs’ and ‘rados’.
    • PITHOS_RADOS_CEPH_CONF: The Ceph configuration file.
  • Remove unused variable PITHOS_RADOS_STORAGE

  • Add ‘pithos-sync-rados.sh’ shell script in Pithos tools, a Pithos object synchronization tool from NFS to Rados.

  • Fix missing Content-Disposition header in object response, which caused publicly shared objects to be saved with a meaningless name (without extension)


Released: Mon Mar 10 14:01:32 EET 2014


  • Integrate Pithos tests in continuous integration.
  • Change astakosclient to accept AUTH_URL instead of BASE_URL ASTAKOS_BASE_URL settings has been removed from Pithos and Cyclades and has been replaced with ASTAKOS_AUTH_URL. Both Pithos and Cyclades proxy the Astakos services under ASTAKOS_PROXY_PREFIX path. ASTAKOS_PROXY_PREFIX by default has a value of ‘_astakos’. More specifically, Astakos’ identity service is proxied under ‘_astakos/identity’, Astakos’ account service is under ‘_astakos/account’ and Astakos’ ui service is under ‘_astakos/ui’.
  • Add ‘mail_admins’ handler to ‘django.request’ logger in order to send email notifications to users listed in ‘ADMINS’ setting about unhandled exceptions in the code.
  • Extend astakosclient to request and validate OAuth 2.0 access tokens
  • Change response status code from 400 (Bad Request) to 405 (Not allowed method) in case of an unexpected request method.


  • Changes in project schema:
    • A Project entry is created when submitting an application for a new project, rather than on approval. Its state is dependent on the state of its `reference’ application (current definition). Lock Project rather than Chain (the latter is semantically obsolete).
    • Project states “Active - Pending” and “Suspended - Pending” have been removed. In management command `project-list’, the existence of a pending modification is indicated by a non-blank `Pending AppID’.
    • Improve recording of project, application, and membership actions.
  • Implement API calls for projects.
  • Store the base URL of a component. Deployer should provide it when adding a new component. Service endpoints originating from a component are expected to match its base URL; otherwise, a warning is issued. Re-registration with `snf-component-register’ affects both the base and the ui URL.
  • Changes in resource and quota handling:
    • New resources are registered with unlimited default base quota, represented by 2**63-1.
    • Each newly accepted user copies the default value for all resources as their own base quota. A base quota is considered ‘custom’ if its value differs from the default.
    • Changing resource’s default quota affects the base quota only of future users.
    • Resource definition got flags ‘api_visible’ and ‘ui_visible’, replacing flag ‘allow_in_projects’. They control whether a user can access these resources. The system internally always accounts for all resources, and a user can get off quota even for a resource that is not visible.
  • Remove API call GET /account/v1.0/authenticate in favor of POST /identity/v2.0/tokens.
  • Export basic statistics about Astakos service at the ‘/admin/stats/detail’ API endpoint. Access to this endpoint is only allowed to users that belong to the Astakos groups that are defined in the ‘ASTAKOS_ADMIN_STATS_PERMITTED_GROUPS’ setting. Statistics are also available through the ‘snf-manage stats-astakos’ management command.
  • Implement OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant Add API calls for authorization code and access token generation
  • Add API call for validating OAuth 2.0 access tokens
  • Shibboleth module Extract unique identifier from the REMOTE_USER header.
  • Automatically fill third-party signup form fields when available by the the third-party provider.
  • Management commands:
    • Introduced new commands:
      • component-show
      • quota-list (replacing quota, supports various filters)
      • quota-verify (replacing quota)
      • oauth2-client-add (register OAuth 2.0 client)
      • oauth2-client-list (list registered oauth 2.0 clients)
      • oauth2-client-remove (remove OAuth 2.0 client)
    • Changed commands:
      • component-add got options –base-url and –ui-url
      • resource-modify –limit became –default-quota
      • user-modify can operate on multiple users with –all and –exclude
      • user-modify –set-base-quota became –base-quota
    • Removed commands:
      • quota
      • resource-import (subsumed by service-import)
      • resource-export-astakos (subsumed by service-export-astakos)
  • Fix request authorization code failures due to Unicode issue: https://code.grnet.gr/issues/4971
  • Omit validation issues for non-required metadata values received from the third-party authentication provider.


  • Major changes to Cyclades networks:
    • Implement ‘cyclades_network’ service, containing the /networks, /ports, /subnets and /floatingips API endpoints under ‘/network/v2.0’. The old /networks API of ‘cyclades_compute’ (under /compute/v2.0) is removed.
    • Implement `snf-manage subnet-{create, list, modify, inspect}’ management commands for handling of subnets.
    • Implement `snf-manage port-{create, list, remove, inspect}’ management commands for handling of ports.
    • Add two new settings, ‘CYCLADES_FORCED_SERVER_NETWORKS’ and ‘CYCLADES_DEFAULT_SERVER_NETWORKS’ to control the networks that newly created servers will be connected.
  • Implement Floating IP addresses, which are IPv4 addresses that can be dynamically added and removed to a running server.
    • Add new ‘cyclades.floating_ip’ resource.
    • Implement ‘snf-manage floating-ip-{create,list,remove,attach,detach}’ management commands to handle floating IPs.
    • Add ‘floating_ip_pool’ attribute to networks to mark networks that can be used as floating IP pools.
  • Implement ‘resize’ server action.
    • Implement the ‘resize’ server action, to change the flavor of a server. Only ‘cpu’ and ‘memory’ resizing is supported.
  • Compute quotas for CPU and memory of running VMs.
    • Change ‘cyclades.cpu’ and ‘cyclades.ram’ resources to represent the CPU and RAM for running VMs. Total CPU and RAM usage is represented by new ‘cyclades.total_cpu’ and ‘cyclades.total_ram’ resources.
  • Refer to Ganeti NICs by their name instead of their index.
    • Make cyclades give a unique name to each Ganeti NIC. NICs are refered by their unique name and not by their index inside the VM that are connected to.
  • Support firewall profile for all NICs of an instance. Change firewall settings to be filled with the unique name of the NIC. The affected settings are the GANETI_FIREWALL_{ENABLED, DISABLED, PROTECTED}_TAG settings.
  • Add accounting for public IP addresses that is accessible via snf-manage ip-list management command and via the helpdesk app.
  • Implement IPv6 only networks.
  • Extend servers info API response with ‘SNF:fqdn’ attribute, and introduce CYCLADES_SERVERS_FQDN to set the template for servers FDQN. Remove ‘UI_VM_HOSTNAME_FORMAT’ setting.
  • Extend servers info API response with ‘SNF:port_forwarding’ attribute, describing port forwarding rules (DNAT) that are applied to vms. The description of such rules is done via the new CYCLADES_PORT_FORWARDING setting.
  • Speed up server reconciliation, by performing parallel reconciliation for each backend.
  • Change –dhcp option of network management commands from a flag to a boolean value, e.g. –dhcp=True
  • Remove ‘ARCHIPELAGO_BACKENDS’ setting used to distinguish between backends that hosted only archipelago backends. Instead allocation is based on which disk-templates are enabled in each backend.
  • Implement ‘snf-manage server-remove’ management command.
  • Move reconciliation of IP pools from ‘reconcile-networks’ to ‘reconcile-pools’. The IP pool reconciliation does not reconcile the IP pools with Ganeti. Instead it checks if the pool is consistent with the IPs that are used by instances.
  • Do not automatically release externally reserved IPs if they are released from a Ganeti backend. Management of externally reserved IPs must be performed from Cyclades with ‘network-modify’ command.
  • Export basic statistics about Cyclades Service at the ‘/admin/stats/detail’ API endpoint. Access to this endpoint is only allowed to users that belong to the Astakos groups that are defined in the ‘ADMIN_STATS_PERMITTED_GROUPS’ setting. Statistics are also available through the ‘snf-manage stats-cyclades’ management command.
  • Support enforcing quota through command ‘enforce-resources-cyclades’.
  • Remove command ‘resource-export-cyclades’ subsumed by ‘service-export-cyclades’.
  • Obsolete PUBLIC_USE_POOL setting, since Cyclades manages IP pool for all type of networks.
  • Encrypt / decrypt the instance id / hostname in the stats URL in snf-cyclades-app and snf-stats-app, using the ‘CYCLADES_STATS_SECRET_KEY’ and ‘STATS_SECRET_KEY’ respectively.
  • Add support for snf-vncauthproxy-1.5 and the setting ‘CYCLADES_VNCAUTHPROXY_OPTS’, which configures the extra options / arguments needed by the newer version of snf-vncauthproxy. Support for older versions of snf-vncauthproxy has been dropped. See also the upgrade notes for Synnefo and snf-vncauthproxy-1.5.
  • Remove ‘DEFAULT_ROUTING_TABLE’ setting. If a link for an IP_LESS_ROUTED network is not specified, the link will be uniquely named ‘snf-link-$network_id’.
  • Extend flavors with ‘allow_create’ attribute. Flavors that have this attribute unset cannot be used by users to create new servers.
  • Store each image property(metadata) as a separate Pithos metadata and check that the size of each property is valid.
  • Fix a few occurrences of HTTP 500 errors being triggered due to insufficient validation of incoming requests in the Network API
  • Speed up some API calls by fixing the relevant DB queries

Cyclades UI

  • Retrieve all networks information from the introduced cyclades network service.
  • New IPs pane from which user can manage floating IPs.
  • Redesign public keys overlay as an additional pane view.
  • Split networking configuration into an additional step in machine create wizard.
  • Display forced networks and choices of the available floating IPs which will be assigned to the created machine.
  • Support for machine resize action. Explicit handling when machine is started by displaying an utility shutdown button within the resize overlay.
  • Machine IPs toggling subview in icon/single views.
  • Replace IPv4/IPv6 with machine’s FQDN in icon/single view. When no FQDN can be resolved display a message. Message can be configured using the introduced UI_NO_FQDN_MESSAGE. Setting UI_VM_HOSTNAME_FORMAT has been removed and no longer used.
  • Respect SNF:task_state machine attribute in order to improve machine status display.
  • Append software version as a url parameter in HTML static files in order to force browser cache invalidation between versions.
  • Configurable Google fonts base url. Fonts base url can be changed usint the SYNNEFO_FONTS_BASE_URL setting.
  • Regression fix: Display reboot required notification on machine firewall parameters.
  • Handling of GANETI_USE_HOTPLUG setting. Do not allow live network actions when setting is set to False.
  • Double escaping fix in machine create wizard images list and machine details subview.
  • Fix image ordering in machine create wizard.
  • New setting UI_SSH_SUPPORT_OSFAMILY_EXCLUDE_LIST. A list of image OS families for which ui will disable ssh key injection in machine wizard.
  • Setting UI_SUPPORT_SSH_OS_LIST removed and no longer used.
  • Group public networks by name if setting UI_GROUP_PUBLIC_NETWORKS is set to True.
  • Setting UI_GROUPED_PUBLIC_NETWORK_NAME has been deprecated and no longer used.
  • Fix UI to filter available flavors in VM wizard

Cyclades Userdata

  • Maximum allowed length of ssh key content. Configurable from the USERDATA_SSH_KEY_MAX_CONTENT_SIZE setting.


  • Rewrite tests.
  • Performance optimizations in object listing.
  • Introduce backend method decorator for handling transaction management if no transaction is initiated from the frontend.
  • Fix Internal Server Errors https://code.grnet.gr/issues/4501 & https://code.grnet.gr/issues/4502.
  • Fix REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGE request failure during move operations https://code.grnet.gr/issues/4154.
  • Fix FORBIDDEN request failure while listing implicitly shared objects https://code.grnet.gr/issues/4131.
  • Fix issue with the computed size of an updated object.
  • Reply with the Merkle hash in the ETag header if MD5 is deactivated.
  • Reply with FORBIDDEN (403) to public listing requests performed by non path owners.
  • Change response status to NOT FOUND (404) while trying to delete an already deleted object.
  • Change SQLAlchemy version to 0.7
  • Change view authorization The pithos views do not use the cookie information for user authentication. They request (from Astakos) and use a short-term access token for a specific resource.
  • Remove PITHOS_ASTAKOS_COOKIE_NAME setting, since it is no longer useful
  • Add PITHOS_OAUTH2_CLIENT_CREDENTIALS setting to authenticate the views with astakos during the resource access token generation procedure
  • Add PITHOS_UNSAFE_DOMAIN setting to restrict file serving endpoints to a specific host
  • Added new ‘file-show’ management command
  • Remove command ‘resource-export-pithos’ subsumed by ‘service-export-pithos’.
  • Extend API to optionally enforce a specific content disposition type in view and public requests: https://code.grnet.gr/issues/5019
  • Fix bulk operation (delete/copy/move) failures in overpopulated containers/folders: https://code.grnet.gr/issues/5119
  • Fix performance issue due to missing index
  • Fix backend open hashfile bug: https://code.grnet.gr/issues/5011
  • Fix GET request for public path with If-None-Match https://code.grnet.gr/issues/5168


Released: Tue Nov 26 11:03:37 EET 2013


  • This is the first release to support Ganeti 2.8. Support for older versions of Ganeti is dropped.
  • Use Ganeti opportunistic locking to achive parallelized instance creations in the same backend. Add setting ‘GANETI_USE_OPPORTUNISTIC_LOCKING’ to enable the use of this feature.
  • Fix warning message while getting object permissions to appear only when path is None and the object has permissions
  • Add name to newly created NICs and the corresponding firewall tags.


Released: Mon Nov 11 12:13:31 EET 2013

  • Astakos: Fix minor problems with logging in the Astakos module, which could lead to unexpected exceptions


Released: Fri Nov 8 17:25:08 EET 2013


  • This is the first release to support Debian Wheezy along with Squeeze. You can mix and match nodes freely.
  • Update Django dependency to Django>=1.2,<1.5. Django 1.4.5 is available for Squeeze through squeeze-backports.
  • Since this version, Synnefo ships an example Gunicorn configuration file that is automatically installed at /etc/gunicorn.d/synnefo.example.


  • On VM creation, pass the hashmap of the image (pithosmap://) instead of the image URL (pithos://). Access to the Pithos DB by Ganeti nodes is no longer required.
  • Workaround race between server creation and server deletion. This will be fixed properly by updating Ganeti to support the ‘depends’ attribute for OP_INSTANCE_REMOVE.


  • For Shibboleth logins, store all attributes along with the user in the DB.


Released: Wed Sep 18 17:50:12 EEST 2013


  • Fix bug in helpdesk view


Released: Wed Sep 18 16:18:58 EEST 2013


  • Set PITHOS_BACKEND_CONTAINER_QUOTA default value to 0 (unlimited)
  • Fix bug that resulted in DB deadlocks.


  • Fix bug in snf-dispatcher that resulted in servers to be deleted from the DB even if the corresponding Ganeti job failed.




Released: Wed Aug 7 11:19:49 EEST 2013


  • Fix security issue with handling Pithos versions.


Released: Mon Jul 29 12:24:22 EEST 2013


  • Fix bug in reconcile resources management command.


Released: Thu Jul 25 12:22:47 EEST 2013


  • Use the SYNNEFO_TRACE environmental variable to control whether the greenlet tracing code will get loaded or not.
  • Split the HIDDEN_COOKIES setting in HIDDEN_HEADERS and HIDDEN_COOKIES, and add the MAIL_MAX_LEN setting, to limit the mail size for unhandled exceptions.

Released: Fri Jul 12 13:13:32 EEST 2013



  • Add new setting PITHOS_BACKEND_POOL_SIZE, which configures the size of the pool of Pithos backends that are used by plankton.


  • Refactor metadata schema (table attributes) in Pithos DB to speedup current

objects by domain attribute. This is used by Plankton for listing VM images.


Released: Tue Jun 25 14:01:19 EEST 2013


  • Create ‘snf_django’ Python package to hold common code for all Synnefo components.
  • Create a JSON-exportable definition document for each Synnefo Components (Astakos, Cyclades, Pithos, etc.) that consolidates APIs (services), resources, and other standardized properties (e.g. default URL prefixes).
  • Standardize URLs for Synnefo Components, impose structure and naming conventions to related settings. Make each component deployable under a user-configurable <COMPONENT>_BASE_URL. Each API (compute, image, etc.) is deployable under a developer-configurable prefix beneath BASE_URL.
  • Deprecate CLOUDBAR_ACTIVE_SERVICE setting from all apps.
  • Common synnefo 404/500 templates (located in snf-webproject)


  • Redesign of the accounting system (quotaholder) and integration into Astakos.

    • Simplified the quotaholder model; removed tables Entity and Policy; now table Holding contains limit and usage for every holding.
    • Extended table Holding, so that we can keep track of quota for every valid combination of holder (e.g. user), resource, and source (e.g. the default system or some specific project).
    • Refactored code for issuing and resolving commissions for robustness; added a ‘force’ option to bypass the upper limit check when issuing a commission.
    • Simplified syncing to the quotaholder; removed fields from models Project and ProjectMembership, previously needed for syncing; removed state PROJECT_DEACTIVATED from ProjectMembership.
  • API-related changes:

    • Implemented API calls for quota, resources, and commissions.
    • Moved all API calls under ‘/account/v1.0’.
    • Implemented the keystone API call POST /tokens under ‘/identity/v2.0’.
  • Service and resource specification and handling:

    • Specified a format for defining services along with the API endpoints and the resources they expose. Migrated internal resource name by prefixing it with service name (e.g. ‘vm’ becomes ‘cyclades.vm’); renamed registered service ‘pithos+’ to ‘pithos’.
    • Specified a procedure to register a Synnefo component, its services and their resources in astakos and set the resources’ default base quota limit. Removed resource definitions from settings.
    • Moved service and resource presentation data out of the respective db models into a separate file of UI constants.
  • Converted the limit on pending applications from a setting to a quotable resource. Converted the related user setting to a user-specific base quota limit. Deprecated model UserSetting; removed setting ASTAKOS_PENDING_APPLICATION_LIMIT.

  • Changes in locking strategy:

    • Lock only project’s chain for all project operations; lock user before syncing to quotaholder.
    • When locking multiple rows (e.g. users or holdings) include an ORDER BY clause in the query to impose ordering on locking.
  • Changes in views:

    • Replaced custom transaction context with a simple decorator for managing transactions and a context ‘ExceptionHandler’, which logs and suppresses exceptions
  • Added fine grain user auth provider’s policies.

    • Administrator can override default auth provider policies to a specific user or group of users.
    • Optionally a user can be assigned to a list of groups, based on the authentication method he choosed to signup.
  • Removed explicit handling of SMTP errors on each email delivery. Exceptions are now propagated to base django exception handler.

  • Email used in html/email tempaltes which prompt user to contact for service support prompts is now defined in CONTACT_EMAIL setting introduced in snf-common settings.

  • Improvements in user activation flow

    • User moderation now takes place after the user has verified his email address.
    • User model enriched with additional user state fields
    • Split activation email from moderation process. Administrator is required to moderate user explicitly using the user-modify –accept or user-modify –reject commands.
    • Improved logging throught out user activation procedures.
  • Remove deprecated AstakosUser model fields: provider, third_party_identifier

  • Allow override of authentication provider messages using the following format in setting names: ASTAKOS_<PROVIDER_MODULE>_<MSGID>_MSG

  • Cloudbar automatically tries to identify the active service based on window location.

  • Removing authentication provider view is now CSRF protected.

  • New API access view, containing useful information to users on how to access available Synnefo services API’s.

  • Remove of ASTAKOS_*_EMAIL_SUBJECT settings. All email subjects are now defined in astakos.im.messages module. Overriding default values can be achieved using custom gettext files or using astakos messages settings:

    #change of greeting email subject
  • Remove ASTAKOS_ACTIVATION_REDIRECT_URL and ASTAKOS_LOGIN_SUCCESS_URL from astakos .conf file. Settings are dynamically computed based on ASTAKOS_BASE_URL.

  • Management commands:

    • Introduced new commands:
      • authpolicy-{add, list, remove, set, show}
      • group-{add, list}
      • component-{add, list, modify, remove}
      • reconcile-resources-astakos
      • resource-{export-astakos, import, modify}
      • service-{export-astakos, import, show}
    • Renamed commands:
      • astakos-quota to quota
      • user-update to user-modify
      • full-cleanup to cleanup-full
    • Removed commands:
      • astakos-init
      • invitation-{details, list}
      • project-sync
      • resource-{add, remove}
      • service-{add, remove, token-renew, update}
      • user-invite
      • user-set-initial-quota (integrated its functionality in user-modify and quota)
    • Added quota and project-related information in user-show command; added membership information in project-show.


  • Make ‘type’ attribute required for network create API request.
  • Networks not created to all Ganeti backends upon creation, they are instead created to a backend only when a VM connects to the network.
  • Add ‘CYCLADES_ASTAKOSCLIENT_POOLSIZE’ setting which tunes the size of the http connection pool to astakos.
  • Rename ‘cyclades-usage-verify’ management command to ‘reconcile-resources-cyclades’. Also, remove ‘cyclades-usage-reset’ command, which is equivalent to ‘reconcile-resources-cyclades –fix’.
  • Rename ‘cyclades-reconcile-commissions’ management command to ‘reconcile-commissions-cyclades’.
  • Remove obsolete ‘MAX_VMS_PER_USER’, ‘MAX_NETWORKS_PER_USER’, “VMS_USER_QUOTA” and “NETWORKS_USER_QUOTA” settings, since their usage is covered by Quotaholder.
  • Remove obsolete setting ‘API_ROOT_URL’, since it is being covered by the use of CYCLADES_BASE_URL* Remove obsolete setting ‘API_ROOT_URL’, since it is being covered by ‘CYCLADES_BASE_URL’.

Cyclades helpdesk

  • Additional start/stop vm action
  • Display extend backend info in vm’s view
  • Fixed IP lookup


  • Remove PITHOS_AUTHENTICATION_USERS setting, which was used to override astakos users.
  • Enforce container-level atomicity in (most) Pithos API calls.



Released: Wed Apr 10 18:52:50 EEST 2013

In v0.13 the code was very heavily refactored for increased uniformity since most of the Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository. Thus, just for this version we will not document a complete Changelog (features, fixes, improvements, issues, setting changes), but rather just copy from the NEWS file with minor additions wherever needed.


  • Support for pooling throughout Synnefo
    • Pooled Django DB connections, Pithos backend connections, HTTP connections using single objpool package
  • Improved management commands
    • Unified codebase for output of tables in JSON, CSV
  • Bring most of Synnefo code inside a single, unified repository
    • support automatic Python and Debian package builds for individual commits
    • with automatic version generation
  • Overhauling of Synnefo settings: renames and refactoring, for increased uniformity (in progress)
  • Deployment: Standardize on gunicorn, with gevent-based workers and use of Green threads throughout Synnefo
  • Documentation: New scale-out guide, with distinct node roles, for mass Synnefo deployments


  • Support multiple authentication methods

    • Classic (username/password), Shibboleth, LDAP/Active Directory, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Users can enable/disable auth methods, and switch between them
  • Introduce a UUID as a global identifier for users, throughout Synnefo

    • The UUID remains constant as the user enables/disables login methods
  • Allow users to modify their email address freely

  • Per-user, per-resource accounting mechanism (quotaholder)

  • Full quota support, with per-user, per-resource quotas, based on quotaholder

  • Projects: Users can create and join Projects

    • Projects grant extra resources to their members
  • UI Enhancements for quotas and projects

    • distinct Usage tab, showing usage of individual resources
    • Project management UI
    • New Overview page
  • refactored/improved /login endpoint used by desktop/mobile clients. * endpoint url is now exposed by weblogin service * clients should use unauthenticated identity/tokens api to resolve the

    endpoint url

    • view only allows redirects to pithos:// scheme urls
    • removed uuid from redirect parameters. Client should use authenticated request to identity/tokens to retrieve user uuid.


  • Commission resources on quotaholder/Astakos
  • Support mass creation of flavors
  • Support for the ExtStorage disk template in Ganeti
  • Query and report quotas in the UI
  • Pass VM configuration parameters over a VM-side API (vmapi)
    • Do not pass sensitive data as Ganeti OS parameters
    • Keep sensitive data in memory caches (memcached) and never allow them to hit the disk
  • Display additional backend information in helpdesk machines list
  • Allow helpdesk users to search for an account using a known machine id
  • Helpdesk actions are now logged using the synnefo’s common login infrastructure


  • Removed feedback endpoint. Feedback requests delegate to astakos feedback service. FEEDBACK_CONTACTS, FEEDBACK_EMAIL_FROM settings removed, and no longer used.
  • UI_LOGIN_URL, UI_GLANCE_URL, COMPUTE_URL settings no longer required to be set and are dynamically computed based on ASTAKOS_BASE_URL and CYCLADES_BASE_URL settings.
  • File group is no longer included in ssh keys personality metadata sent in create vm calls.
  • Support storage of blocks on a RADOS backend, for Archipelago
  • X-Object-Public now contains full url (domain + proper component prefix + file path)
  • Rewritten support for public URLs, with admin-selectable length
  • Enable pithos backend to use external quotaholder component
  • Moderated version debiting mechanism
  • Proxy Astakos user-visible services
  • Extend snf-burnin to include testing of Pithos functionality