Sample Images

While developing snf-image, we created and tested a number of images. The following images are basic installations of some popular Linux distributions, that have been tested with snf-image and provided here for testing purposes:

Sample Usage

Download an Image

Download a Sample Image and store it under IMAGE_DIR. Make sure you also have its corresponding metadata file.

Spawn a diskdump image

To deploy an image of type diskdump, you need to provide the corresponding img_properties as described in the Image Properties section. If you want to use one of the Sample Images, use the img_properties described in the image’s metadata file. For example, to successfully deploy the debian_base-7.0-x86_64.diskdump image file, you need to provide the following image properties:


Hence, the Ganeti command for creating a VM from this image file would look like this:

gnt-instance add -o snf-image+default \
  -O img_passwd=1Ki77y,img_format=diskdump,img_id=debian_base-7.0-x86_64,img_properties='{"OSFAMILY":"linux"\,"ROOT_PARTITION":"1"\,"USERS":"root"}' \
  -t plain --disk=0:size=10G --no-name-check --no-ip-check --no-nics my_debian_server1

If you don’t want to configure the image at all and just copy it to the Ganeti provided disk, use the EXCLUDE_ALL_TASKS image property, like this:

gnt-instance add -o snf-image+default \
  -O img_passwd=1Ki77y,img_format=diskdump,img_id=debian_base-7.0-x86_64,img_properties='{"EXCLUDE_ALL_TASKS":"yes"}' \
  -t plain --disk=0:size=10G --no-name-check --no-ip-check --no-nics my_debian_server2

To configure a VM without first copying an image into the hard disk (e.g. if the hard disk is a snapshot from an existing VM’s hard disk) you may use the null storage backend like this:

gnt-instance add -o snf-image+default \
  -O img_passwd=1Ki77y,img_format=diskdump,img_id=null,img_properties='{"OSFAMILY":"linux"\,"ROOT_PARTITION":"1"\,"USERS":"root"}' \
  -t plain --disk=0:size=10G --no-name-check --no-ip-check --no-nics my_debian_server3