1. Overview

1.1. History

Kamaki was created in 2011 by the Synnefo development team at the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET), initially as an internal project and later as a multipurpose tool for all users.

Synnefo is open source cloud software used to create massively scalable IaaS clouds. It uses Google Ganeti for the low level VM management. It talks to the outside world through the OpenStack APIs with extensions for advanced operations. Synnefo is used by GRNET to power its ~okeanos service, providing cloud services to the whole Greek research and academic community.

Kamaki was originally conceived as a handy tool for the developers of Synnefo and the administrators of ~okeanos. The initial purpose of kamaki was to provide an easy to use command-line client for accessing the various ReST APIs of Synnefo.

Kamaki has been designed to act as a command line client as well as a python library for client developers. It is widely used in various Synnefo and okeanos components. Third parties are also encouraged to use the kamaki library for developing their own python-based cloud applications.

As Synnefo became a full, scalable and stable cloud solution, kamaki also evolved to an intuitive, multipurpose tool, available to a wider user base. For example, it is used as the main Pithos+ client in Linux and other Unix-like environments. It can be easily set up in all popular platforms, including recent Linux, OS X and Windows releases.

1.2. Who uses kamaki?

Kamaki is targeted to new and advanced users who need an intuitive command-line tool for managing a local or remote Synnefo deployment.

kamaki is currently used

  • internally by the Synnefo development team to test the Synnefo software,

  • by the deployment team which operates GRNET ~okeanos service

  • as the main Pithos+ client in Linux and other Unix-like environments, as

    well as in windows and osx by users with a preference for command line

  • by third-party Synnefo deployers for testing and debugging their setup

  • as an API library for Synnefo-related components (burnin, image-creator)

    or external applications

1.3. Community & Support

The kamaki development team values your help and depends on community feedback for the evolution of new features. Any contributions and bug reports are highly appreciated.

For any problems you may bump into while using kamaki or for help from the development team please contact us at:

* Users list: synnefo@googlegroups.com
* Developers list: synnefo-devel@googlegroups.com