8.2. ErrorsΒΆ

The class kamaki.clients.ClientError is raised when the response of an API call is not as expected. In most cases, it is the only error type you will need while working with kamaki library.

A ClientError contains:

message     The error message.
status      Typically, the API response code (usually an error code)
details     Optional list of messages with error details.

Here is an error-conscious version of the AstakosCLient initialization

# Initialize an astakos Client
from kamaki.clients.astakos import AstakosClient, ClientError
    astakos = AstakosClient(AUTHENTICATION_URL, TOKEN)
except ClientError as ce:
    if ce in (404, ):
        print "Invalid URL for this cloud"
    elif ce in (401, ):
        print "Authentication failed"
    print "Status: {code}, Message: {msg}, Details: {details})".format(
            code=ce.status, msg=ce.message, details=', '.join(ce.details))

Some clients or methods can produce specialized errors i.e., AstakosClientError is raised by AstakosClient, KamakiSSLError is raised in case of an SSL-related problem. Both errors are subclasses of ClientError and can be handled as such.