7.8. Volumes and SnapshotsΒΆ

In this section we will snapshot a virtual server, backup the snapshot image to a local storage and then we will destroy and recreate the server.

List existing virtual servers and volumes

$ kamaki server list
1 My test server
2 My very important server

$ kamaki volume list
v0lum31 Volume for test server
v0lum32 Volume for important server


Usually each virtual server corresponds to one volume, but new volumes can also been created:

$ kamaki volume create --name='extra volume' --server-id=2 --size=20

Take a snapshot

$ kamaki snapshot create --name='Important server backup' --volume-id=2
id: imp0r74n7-s3rv3r-1m4g3
display_name: Important server backup
status: ACTIVE
size: 10
descrtiption: null
created_at: 2014-05-19T19:52:04.949734
volume_id: v0lum32

The new snapshot appears as a loaded image as well as a file stored in Pithos+

$ kamaki snapshot list
imp0r74n7-s3rv3r-1m4g3 Important server backup

$ kamaki file list /snapshots
20GB  v0lum31-snap-0

$ kamaki image list --id=imp0r74n7-s3rv3r-1m4g3
imp0r74n7-s3rv3r-1m4g3 Important server backup

Backup snapshot image to local storage

This is optional, but better safe than sorry.

$ kamaki file download /snapshots/v0lum31-snap-0 local.backup

Destroy and reload

For demonstration purposes, let’s destroy the server. The snapshot image will be used to recreate it afterwards.

$ kamaki server delete 2 -w
Server status is now DELETED

$ kamaki server create --name='Important server' --flavor-id=1 --image-id=imp0r74n7-s3rv3r-1m4g3 -w
id: 3
name: Important server
Server status is now ACTIVE

Reload from local backup

If both the server and the snapshot are lost, the local backup can be used to restore the server. To do this, we need to register the backup as an image (see Image register for more details).

$ kamaki image register --name='Image from BackUp' --location=/snapshots/reloaded.diskdump --upload-image-file=local.backup
id: r3l04d3d-5n4p5h07-1m4g3
name: Image from BackUp

$ kamaki server create --name='Server from local BackUp' --flavor-id=1 --image-id=r3l04d3d-5n4p5h07-1m4g3 -w
id: 4
name: Server from local BackUp
Server is now ACTIVE